'S9' main logo

At first, I have brainstormed the ‘words of image’ which I could derive from the ‘sports + casual’ image. As a result, I’ve obtained words like Dynamic, playful, active, originality, uniquely, new trial, and so on. This brainstorming was intended to grasp a unique idea of the ‘brand identity’ which I will create, which directly influences the image of logo, packaging, and advertisement.

I have made several modifications from my main logo due to the comparatively weaker impression to 9 sub logos that represent each motion. As initial red and orange colours overlap with each others, I have changed to deep pink that stands out itself but does not overlap. In order to remove complexity of 9 colour combination, lowering down the colour intensity was effective as you can insert more variations on the lower intense colour. From rather ordinary shape of ‘S’, I have chosen more voluminous and trendy one by making each edge sharper and more fluid that stands out as a figure, like my brand image. Overlapping with various colours using ‘transparent’ technology, and by combining a flame shape with number ‘9’, in this way, I could get a stronger linkage between the main logo and sub 9 logos.