At the first, I have brainstormed the ‘words of image’ which I could derive from the ‘sports + casual’ image. As a result, I’ve obtained words like Dynamic, playful, active, originality, flame, uniquely, new trial, and so on. This brainstorming was intended to grasp a unique idea of the ‘brand identity’ which I create, which directly influences the image of logo, packaging, and advertisement.

Fashion or performance?

Sports fashion contains clothing such as T-shirts, hoods, trousers, tracksuits, swimwear, gloves and etc and footwear of various different kinds of sports such as tennis, football, basketball, etc. All items of clothing and footwear that are specifically designed for sport are included. These items are worn when participating in a particular sport or worn as casual wear. This includes items carrying a well-known branded logo and items produced under a clothing retailer’s own-label. To establish my brand identity, it is important to define the concept of ‘sports fashion’, which looks at in detail the need of integration between fashion and functionality. Increased competition that require differentiated products, worldwide sports event such has Olympic and world cups need to grasp various groups of attention, used as marketing hence sports sponsorships. For example, companies like Adidas and Nike have spent billions of dollars into sponsoring worldwide sports event to advertise their brand identity and brand awareness.


Click image I have surveyed among people with various subjective questions in order to exclude preconceived opinions and could get more precise answer. Questions were based on every sector of my research including, preference of sports, packaging, and so on. Surveys are intended to ensure the fairness and equality among consumers.
I distributed a 10 questions of questionnaire to participants who did not have any information about my project through the e-mail and I have received 32 of answers from them.

Discussion 08/05/2009 with 6 of peer students - Before made the questionnaire, I discussed people who are doing fashion design, product design, interior design and graphic design also they can be my target audiance age group and then I made the questionnaire with their opinions. In this discussion, i could get a better understanding of what they think about sportswear and to reflect it into my product.

The Questionnaires would raise the confidence level of my arguments and more certainty on my research.