Product line

The product line is consisted of various items that enable customers to style themselves from head to toe by shopping at any shop of S9 brand.


Water bottles are usually treated as wastage, but by adopting that item as a package, brand can pursue images of both sports and environment. If the design of water bottles can satisfy consumers, they also can use these previous wastes as a form of storage or other multi-functional purposes. According to one of my questionnaires in my survey, many people have mentioned that they usually throw away the shoe box, but interesting part is that, some of them have made additional comments that if packages were better designed to possess them, they would be keeping those container package to use as their own purposes such as storage.

'Water bottle shape of package'

As I have defined on the previous background research, packaging is the container or cover material of the product. However, to stimulate consumers’ curiosity and their awareness of the brand, I have adopted the use of water bottle shaped container as a main form of packaging. A sport is a hydration demanding activity, which obviously requires water that relishes the need of hydration, undoubtedly making water as one of the most important element of the sports activity.
“Atelier LaDurance is a small scaled, independent French denim label that has the passionate drive to make top crafted products. It develops limited runs at a traditional atelier in the south of France.
The Atelier LaDurance comprehensive visual identity. Packaging, labeling and point of sale items are designed purely from a practical point and they display the kind of logical simplicity you are likely to find deeply rooted into the French aesthetic of every day.
Like the repairkit: an emergency capsule that has been put together to an autonom-ous design with only off-the-shelf metal components. Manually assembled, one by one and attached to all Atelier LaDurance denim products with a keyring. Containing a thimble, 2 buttons and a piece of lining and a piece denim cloth.”

Designed by Stormhand Country: The Netherlands


S9's 9sub logos

I wrote down as many as ‘sport motions’ words on the paper. Out of numerous numbers of motion types, breathing, sprinting, swing, running, hitting, jumping, turning, sliding, and kicking were the most representing types of motions of everyday sport. This was proved by the surveys which I have done, and majority of the respondents believed that those 9 images help them to picture most number of different sports activities. Also I derived the name ‘S9’ which is the reflection of nine representing motions I have picked out that defines ‘sports motion’.


'S9' main logo

At first, I have brainstormed the ‘words of image’ which I could derive from the ‘sports + casual’ image. As a result, I’ve obtained words like Dynamic, playful, active, originality, uniquely, new trial, and so on. This brainstorming was intended to grasp a unique idea of the ‘brand identity’ which I will create, which directly influences the image of logo, packaging, and advertisement.

I have made several modifications from my main logo due to the comparatively weaker impression to 9 sub logos that represent each motion. As initial red and orange colours overlap with each others, I have changed to deep pink that stands out itself but does not overlap. In order to remove complexity of 9 colour combination, lowering down the colour intensity was effective as you can insert more variations on the lower intense colour. From rather ordinary shape of ‘S’, I have chosen more voluminous and trendy one by making each edge sharper and more fluid that stands out as a figure, like my brand image. Overlapping with various colours using ‘transparent’ technology, and by combining a flame shape with number ‘9’, in this way, I could get a stronger linkage between the main logo and sub 9 logos.