'All day I dream sneakers'-Adidas

All Day I Dream About Sneakers was a project created for adidas Originals, inspired by the brand’s creeds of ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ and ‘Celebrate Originality’. The project showcased the story and kicks created by the world’s original sneaker freak, Herr Fritz Träumer - a mythical sneaker designer who dedicated his lifetime to constructing the most original range of sneakers ever seen.
Luftsack (Airbag) - A sneaker with built-in protection against being scuffed and stepped on.Limousine - A sneaker that can chauffeur you to wherever you want to go.Midas - A sneaker with a 'Midas kick' that turns everything it kicks to gold. Roboter (Robot) - A robotic sneaker that can clean itself and tie its own laces.Synth - A synthesiser sneaker that plays music to match your stride.Baum (Tree) - An organic sneaker that grows from a planted seed.
Some shots of the build process.


Mint club's logo and applications. It has a good colour schemes and shows a good example of intergrated design.